Innovation Network


The recombination of existing technologies, ideas, networks or resources.

The Innovation Network is dedicated to making positive changes to the economic systems in Coastal Washington collaboratively, experimentally, and systemically.

The IN was formed in 2018, growing from the Coast Works Business Competition, to provide more space for collaboration. The IN is a growing partnership of local community leaders and businesses based in coastal Washington, to launch long-term economic development projects, transforming local natural resource systems to secure economic development and ultimately resiliency for coastal communities. This began with working with industries to retain and amplify the value of natural resources locally. The IN convenes leaders and entrepreneurs with the needed passion, insight and skills to design and advance projects that will support these industries as well as local resiliency.  The IN is a tremendous asset that sustains partnerships and provides resources to local residents to improve their communities. Its economic development projects are creating new business opportunities and establishing a collaborative environment for multiple sectors to partner.  Ideally, the IN will help pilot projects succeed, or provide space for them to experiment, fail, learn & adapt. 

IN meetings help make new connections, provide technical support to projects, and perhaps most importantly: it lets people know they aren’t alone in pursuing dreams of a better future for the coast.

Washington Coast Works is an emerging group from along the Washington Coast that shares a vision of resilient communities based on a triple bottom line economy and sustainable natural resources.

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