In September, we hosted a Pitch Clinic for the Coast Works finalists at the Learning Center here at Pinchot University in Seattle. In addition to lots of good local food and a two-day get away to bright lights in the Big City, the finalists observed Social Venture Partner’s FastPitch quarterfinals, participated in a workshop on how to prepare and deliver a pitch, and spent an afternoon working with four teams of volunteer pitch coaches – experienced entrepreneurs and students or graduates of Pinchot’s MBA program.

Each finalist delivered their final presentation to their peers, the pitch coaches and a room full of potential impact investors. They rose to the challenge, and the progress they made in just a day and half was amazing. We caught it all on camera and hope to make the videos available soon!

Before heading for home, the finalists dropped off their written materials to be evaluated by a panel of eight independent judges. Winners will be announced at the Leaders Banquet to be held on Friday, October 16, at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino in Ocean Shores, Washington. Stay tuned!