In April, Coast Works will offer five “ideation events” throughout the region (click here for details on locations and dates). These three-hour workshops will:

  • Answer all your questions about the competition, including how to apply, how the finalists and winners will be selected, what training and support will be provided, and more.
  • Introduce you to the entrepreneur’s mindset, the opportunity discovery process, and sustainable “triple bottom line” businesses.
  • Engage you in brainstorming activities designed to help generate ideas for new sustainable businesses that build leadership, contribute to conservation and keep money in the local economy.

Not everyone wants to start and run a business. But we all have the potential to be entrepreneurial. Through chalk talks and group activities, we’ll help each other awaken our “inner entrepreneur” to brainstorm business ideas that transform problems and needs in our communities into profitable businesses that produce social and environmental benefits – and meet the criteria for the competition!

Ideation events are free and open to the general public. There is no need to register or RSVP. Everyone will learn something, and everyone’s voice will contribute to the process.  Applicants are encouraged – but not required – to participate.

Contact us at if you have any questions or for more information.